Top 6 Best environmentally friendly gifts

Personalised Gifts made from sustainable materials. Perfect for everyone who cares about our environment.

Back in the 90s Al Gore’s campaign to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle brought taking care of our environment to the forefront of our minds. Check out or Top 6 Best Environmentally Friendly Gifts below.

1. Personalised Vegan Cork Wallet

How cool is this wallet? Made from Cork Leather & 100% eco friendly. We’ve never seen such a stylish, environmentally friendly gift!

Original price was: £8.99.Current price is: £7.49.

2. Personalised Slate Coaster

Slate is a completely natural material and can be reused & recycled!
This coaster works so well for a great home gift. Perfect for any one and any occasion.

3. Personalised Vegan Leather Card Holder Wallet

Is he more of a card guy than a wallet guy? This card wallet made from cork is ideal for him.
Our team love these!

Original price was: £16.99.Current price is: £14.99.

4. Personalised Metal Water Bottle

We hate single use plastic! Make plastic water bottles a thing of the past with this personalised metal water bottle.
You can add their initials so they know it’s theirs!

5. Personalised Slate Cheeseboard

Slate is an awesome natural ingredient! Crack out the cheese, served on this cheeseboard & it will go down an absolute treat.


6. Personalised Bamboo Chopping Board

Bamboo is a fantastic eco-friendly material. This chopping board makes the perfect kitchen accessory for the ‘Chef of the Year.’ A superb gift for all occasions.


We are actively trying to find new & exciting sustainable products to join our catalogue of products. 


We've got some awesome personalised gifts for you to check out - for all occasions & recipients!

Image Source: WFreePik

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