The ULTIMATE Personalised Gin Glass Gift Guide

Celebrate the growing rise in popularity of gin, by choosing a Personalised Gin Glass for a friend, relative or even yourself!

After decades of decline, gin has bounced back to become the latest IT drink. Not so long ago there were just six gin brands, now there’s an array of choice. Compliment your favourite Gin with a personalised glass!

About Gin

People have developed increasingly sophisticated palates. They are seriously interested in what they are drinking and care more about ingredients and quality. Gin in the UK has become an absolute – in 2020 over a billion pounds worth of Gin was sold

Gin is now officially the nation’s favourite spirit, having taken over whisky. Over a quarter of the population have purchased gin, including the ever popular flavoured gin liqueurs in the last 12 months. Not so long ago ordering a gin and tonic was the standard drink of the day. It would be served in a goblet wine glass with the obligatory ice and lemon. Now, drinking gin is a whole new experience and so is the glassware, from tumblers and hi ball bubble glasses to very popular gin goblets.
With it’s rising popularity, it’s important that you have the perfect personalised gin glass to compliment your tipple.

A Hilarious Personalised Gin Glass Mistake

Ok – this really did tickle us! We weren’t actually the ones to supply this gin glass, but lets just say the person who tweeted this might have got the personalisation a little wrong..

Don’t forget that whatever you enter on the front of the glass is literally what is engraved! 

We think this person may have put their delivery information in the personalisation box. It’s great to see they made a funny tweet out of their mistake, and we are sure they won’t make that mistake again!

Who are we?

We started Make It Your Way with a vision of helping create special moments. Finding a gift that you really can’t wait for them to open is a wonderful feeling. All of our gin glasses can be completely personalised to create a treasured gift.

We take great pride in presenting our Gin Glass Gifts and we are sure whichever you choose will be received with delight by your recipient.  Welcome to the Make It Your Way family and we look forward to taking care of your personalised gift.

We’ve selected our favourite Gin Glasses for you to choose from all of which can be personalised for any occasion be it a birthday or just to say ‘it’s gin time’!

The gin goblet comes with intricate design on the stem and the bottom of the cup. So elegant and sophisticated, the goblet can be inscribed with a name across the glass, so that no one else can sip your gin and tonic and get away with thinking it was their glass! A perfect gift for her birthday, Mother’s Day or just to say ‘cheers’.

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Appreciate your friendship with a crystal hi ball and 3cl gin miniature. The crystal glass can be personalised with up to four lines of message. Presented in a blue silk lined presentation box, ideal for birthday, anniversary, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or just to show you are thinking of someone.

A perfect glass if their favourite tipple is Gin. Add your recipients name to personalise this gin glass, we are sure it will be perfect for the gin and tonic lover! Presented in a folding gift box this gift is ideal for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or any celebratory occasion.


Have a friend or family member that is a fan of gin, then how about this fun gift that is sure to bring a smile to their face. The words ‘GINCIDENT’(noun) /’gin-sa-dent’ ‘An unfortunate event or occurrence due to the over consumption of gin’ are fixed on the glass and cannot be amended. The bubble glass can be personalised with a name and is presented in a folding gift box. Ideal for birthdays, Christmas or a surprise that you are thinking of someone!

Let your loved one know you are thinking of them with the perfect gin glass. With ‘You’re the gin to my tonic’ already etched, just personalise with their name to really make them feel special. Presented in a folding gift box, ideal for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries & Birthdays


This fantastic glass has a unique bubble feature in the strong base and the crisp, clear designs are sure to please. Impress your friends or loved ones with a personalised gin glass including a Gordon’s Gin miniature bottle, they just need to add their favourite mixer! It’s Gin O’Clock The Original’ is already etched on the glass, add a name to really make it personal. Presented in a silver folding box, this gift is perfect for any occasion

We love this Gin Glass so much we had to make it in a different style! With a choice of hearts, honey bee or botanical to make the glass more individual. It features an intricate design on the stem and the bottom of the cup, just add their name to give it real style!

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Classic and simple, our personalised balloon gin glass is a great value gift for any gin lover! Just add your personalisation and use our quick checkout option and you’ve created your very own gin glass they will love.

Treat them to a Gin Glass!

Thank you for taking the time to read through our Ultimate Personalised Gin Glass guide.  We love our gins at Make It Your Way so if you know someone who has the same great taste, then why not treat them to a Gin gift.

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