Personalised Gifts

How does he like his whisky? One thing is for sure he will like it in a Personalised Whisky Decanter. A fantastic range of gifts for Him!






Explore all of our Personalised Whisky Decanter Sets. Made to absolute perfection, they would look incredible in his man cave.

A whisky decanter is a perfect gift for a real gentlemen. Our whisky decanters will elevate a drink and bring that touch of class to a social occasion.

We highly recommend this Personalised Whisky Decanter which can be personalised with any message of your choice. It’s a magnificent LSA decanter that will have pride of place in the house for years.

Or if you want to go absolutely all out, then our Personalised Luxury Whisky Decanter with Walnut Base is simply impeccable. It’s mouth-blown and gently rounded to create the conical shape.